Virtual Visit Program FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding Virtual visits

How do I schedule a virtual visit?

Step 1-go to our website www.anycare and click the virtual visit link.

Step 2-choose the "register as new patient" option.

Step 3-provide the necessary medical background and give us your question or the specifics of your problem. This process usually takes less than 10 minutes.

Step 4-give your credit card information or enter your "good Samaritan" code. The virtual visit fee is $40. See our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Step 5-once our clinicians have reviewed your medical case, they will respond by email, text, phone, or may request a video conference with you based on how complex your problem is.

Step 6-prescriptions, if necessary, will be then electronically sent to your pharmacy or called in.

How much does a virtual visit cost? And will my insurance cover it?

The fee is $40. And No insurance does not cover this fee. The sophisticated web-based computer program charges AnyCare 24 every time the system is used. So regardless of the level of care that you need through the virtual visit program, we have expenses to cover. While insurance is covering these fees in some remote places in Tennessee, it is not yet being recognized here in Wilson County. You may save the transaction from your credit card report and apply it to your health savings (HSA) account and get credit towards a deductible on your insurance in that way.

How does your 100% satisfaction guarantee work?

We fully guarantee that we will evaluate your problem. And we want your 100% satisfaction! If it can't be handled over the computer, then we will schedule you into the clinic. There are few situations in which someone may schedule a virtual visit, and they may need more direct hands-on care. If this occurs, the charge for your virtual visit will be forwarded to the AnyCare 24 clinic site to cover the cost of your co-pay. You will not be charged any additional out-of-pocket money to be seen in the clinic, but your insurance company policy at that point will be used. If you do not have insurance, than this $40 fee will be applied to the basic "self-pay rates" to cover the cost to be seen. Any additional treatments or medicines that are given on-site at the clinic would be an additional cost, but you would be told these upfront.

Some examples of this are:
*If we determine that your problem is beyond the scope of what we can handle over a computer visit.
*If you feel that we did not completely understand the nature of your problem, and the wrong treatment was advised.
*If you feel that the response was not in a timely fashion (All requests should be returned within 6 hours and most will be less than 2hrs). Unfortunately, with the computer application we have for the program we have no way to refund your money.

You must initiate the satisfaction guarantee policy within 24 hours of receiving the response. If you fail to do so, then we have no way of tracking your case as these are reviewed on a 24-hour basis.

If you're not completely satisfied with the response that you've been given, you may reply to us at 444-2121 and tell the clinic provider on duty your name and the time you received the response, so we may track your case and log a report.

I don't see my exact problem on this list. Is my problem appropriate for a virtual visit or should I come in?

In general, this is a system designed for very straightforward, simple medical problems. Please see the "list" of previous page for some examples. A general rule of thumb is; if this is something that you would normally wait 3 to 4 days to be treated but you want the benefit of convenience to go ahead and do something now, then a virtual visit is probably right for you. These cases are typically the ones that patients tend to ask a pharmacist for advice and purchase something over-the-counter. Antibiotics will not be routinely given without physical examination, but in some select cases they may be used in others you will be advised to come in to verify the need for antibiotics.