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If you have a straightforward medical problem, you may not always have to come into the clinic to be seen. Routine viruses, simple rashes, flare-ups of problems you had before, or just needing good medical advice may be things that of virtual visit can take care of for you. Virtual visits also called "video visits or telemedicine" are are gaining popularity throughout the nation and even being covered by some insurance plans, but they are not for everyone or every situation. The simple and routine care needs that arise would typically require a trip to a medical clinic or pharmacy, costing you not only money but additional time in waiting to be seen. In most cases you could wait in the comfort of your home or go about other tasks as you need to until a provider can respond to your request.

Our sophisticated program is designed for simple problems.

We respond by computer,call or even video chat.

AnyCare24 uses a sophisticated program to sort out your medical problem and can usually respond the same day to your request. You may be called or even requested to have a videoconference using a program like Skype or FaceTime to help take care of your issue. The charge is $40. This service comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you're not satisfied after the response, or we discover that your problem is beyond the scope of what can be cared for through the virtual visit program, you will be referred to the AnyCare 24 facility on 702 S. Cumberland for further care with no additional out-of-pocket expense to you. Your virtual visit fee will be forwarded to cover your co-pay. Insurance will then apply. For more difficult cases, you may even be directed to into a local specialist clinic or even referred on to the emergency room, if necessary. All of our care, as usual, is delivered by highly-trained, certified practioners and closely coordinated 24/7 by local physician supervision.
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The following services available for the Housecalls program:

Philosphy of Anycare 24 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

" The patient that is empowered and given easy access to medical direction can ensure the wellness of themselves and their family in more convenient and productive way. These patients that are seen will tend to have less burden of worry and more time to concentrate on other important matters which leads to better outlook both emotionally and spiritually. This good health helps creates a positive atmosphere in the community. When the unexpected problems do arise, additional options regarding treatment of the patient's problems help prevent delays in seeking care. Long wait times , cost of emergency room services , unexpected problems that occur at night , all lead to delays that worsen the problem creating complications or even putting the patient at risk for loss of life or limb. In contrast, we believe at AnyCare 24, having good access to excellent medical care allows the family member to get back on track to becoming both healthy and productive enabling them to serve both his own needs and the needs of their families." - Dr. Bill Robertson