The Housecalls Program FAQ

The Housecalls Program

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Is a house call right for me?

In most cases a home visit may be conducted at your home, office or workplace. We will have most supplies necessary to both diagnose and treat whatever problem you may have.

Do you offer the service 24 hours a day?

Not yet. Presently, you may use our 24-hour online scheduling system to set up the visits that will be conducted between 9 and 3 PM, Monday through Fridays.

What type of things can you treat?

Most any injury or illness that can be treated in the clinic can be seen at a housecalls visit. We also schedule worksite calls to help with prevention injury services for the businesses and factories in town. See the list on the prior page for some specific services we offer.

What's the cost of the housecall?

You will be charged a non-refundable $50 travel/housecall fee. In most cases insurance will not cover this fee. Your medical exam and treatment rendered will then be charged to your insurance company or you may decide to self-pay on a reduced fee schedule. These lower rates are especially provided for our patients without insurance and are available for you to see.

Why do you charge the travel/housecall fee of $50?

The $50 fee helps cover the cost and the time of the practitioner. Service at this high of a level could not exist without this additional fee as the high overhead costs prevent most medical offices from attempting to provide the services. If it were easy to do, then everybody would be doing it.

Will the $50 be paid by my insurance?

Not likely. In most cases insurance companies will recognize the at-home visit service, but not recognize any travel fees associated with this. You will be given a receipt for the $50 travel fee which you may submit to your insurance company and the many cases and health savings account (HSA) program would probably reimburse this or count towards a deductible since it is medically related.

What if I'm not happy with the service?

Each housecall comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If, at the time of visit, you are unhappy with the services you are provided, you may be seen on-site at Anycare 24's 24-hour a day clinic with minimal to no wait time. You must notify us within the first hour of being seen that you want to utilize your satisfaction guarantee. Your $50 travel fee will be applied to any out of pocket expense that you may have, and then medical services provided on-site will be billed to your insurance company. If you've already paid a fee for the visit and lab services, adjustments will be made in the billing department when you're seen in the clinic.

Can you have a housecall for routine checkup or back-to-school shots?

While we can provide many routine vaccinations; flu shots, pneumonia, and tetanus boosters, your local doctor should see your child for back-to-school vaccinations.

Is Anycare 24 a replacement for my regular family doctor since you can schedule routine care visits?

There is no substitute for your primary care doctor who knows you better than anyone else. But any routine services that we provide to you will be forwarded on to your physician, if you desire, so that he has an accurate record of your medical history.

What if I need an x-ray or bloodwork?

In select cases, we can even have a mobile x-ray come to you. If this is unavailable at the time of service, you'll be given an order and you may go to one of the imaging centers here in town at your convenience to have your x-ray made or your labs drawn. You'll be notified as soon as results are back.

What if my problem is too complicated?

In the event your problem is too complex to be treated on-site, you will be referred to our AnyCare 24-hour clinic with no wait time and your $50 housecall/travel fee will be applied so that you won't be out any additional funds. You may also be referred to a community physician or the emergency room, if necessary.

How do I schedule a housecall?

Go to our website and click on the "book now" button and you will be given a very brief questionnaire that will allow us to schedule this with the available provider Monday through Friday, 9 to 3pm.

What if I want a specific provider to see me for my problem?

You'll be contacted regarding the nature of your problem prior to the provider coming on-site so that we may work at any details or special request that you may have.

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